Introduction to CHARGE

“Adopt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”

-Bruce Lee 


Context - Where is your audience at?

Home beacon - Where do you want to lead them to?

Assemble - What is the path you are taking them on?

Rehearse - Get good at leading your listeners on your chosen path

Give your speech - Do it.

Evaluate - How did you do?

I have refined the process to be as effective as possible. However, you know best what works for you. If something just doesn't make sense to you, or you want to make something a little differently, feel free to do so.

The purpose of this framework is to teach you the essential, so you could eventually forget the framework. 

Because true mastery lies not in knowing the theory, but in internalizing it so well that you forget it altogether. 

After all, we both want you to become a master in the craft of public speaking.


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